Triathon Coaching


Multisport coaching

This is for the multipart athlete who is looking to compete or simply participate in multi-sport.  There will be custom workouts provided to train the bike, swim and run depending on whether the athlete is training for triathlon, duathlon or aqua bike.  The goal is to provide balanced training with a stronger focus in the disciplines where the athlete needs to improve.  Strength training workouts will also be included.   The athlete will be provided with:

1. A custom schedule with workouts provided for each day of the week.

2. Detailed workouts designed around the athlete’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

3. Periodic test sets for the bike (power) and the run and swim (pace) to determine training paces for tempo, interval and race specific workouts.

4. Periodic group training on the bike, run and swim with your coach throughout the season.

5. Communication and data analysis from your coach via the online Training Peaks platform (membership accounts start at about $8/month and are purchased separately).

6. Additional one-on-one services (strength training, swim analysis, run gait analysis) which can be purchased separately, if desired. 

7. Regular communication with your coach as needed or desired. Coach Karen's philosophy is that if an athlete needs to talk with her, she should be available and accessible.  

8. Schedules that are written and delivered to athletes which can be altered or adjusted from time to time so long as the changes are not excessive.   Should excessive changes need to be made, coach and athlete can discuss how to adjust monthly fees, if necessary.  

9. Additional services (strength training, run gait analysis) which are available at an extra charge although Coach Karen will give a complimentary hour long session to go over the functional strength routine that she wants the athlete to perform as part of their training.

10. Goal setting twice a year and regular: 

 ·       Pre race meetings to discuss race strategy and preparation.

·       Post race meetings to discuss results and future planning.