From qualifying for the Boston Marathon to earning a spot on the 2011 Team USA World Championship Long Course Triathlon, Karen has the experience to get you ready for your next challenge. 

As the mother of two amazing kids, staying fit is even more important in Karen’s life.  Setting an example for them and staying healthy so she can be active in their lives, is a great motivator to lace up her running shoes.

Karen has found such wonderful friendships and personal fulfillment in fitness that she cannot imagine a better job than sharing it with others.  Whether your goal is to run that first 5K or reach an Ironman PR, she has the experience and skills to get you there.



Whether you are training for a specific race or just trying to get in shape, training demands an investment of time and energy. Working with a certified coach guarantees you will get the best possible return on that investment by making the most of your time with quality, targeted workouts.  The right coach will correctly assess your current level of fitness, analyze your form, and develop a customized program that keeps the training volume and intensity balanced with proper recovery.

Certified coaches also have the experience and knowledge to handle concerns about everything from injuries to an athlete’s frustration caused by not ever really feeling like they are achieving the level of performance they desire.  A successful program includes helping the athlete set appropriate goals and constant evaluation of their progress in meeting those goals.  This is accomplished by training the athlete physically and mentally through positive affirmations and self-talk.

USAT certification requires advanced classes and continuing education on sports psychology, exercise physiology, and sports-specific training.

Learn more about the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and USA Triathlon at: www.afaa.com and www.usatriathlon.org



Experience is everything when it comes to understanding an athlete’s needs and goals. Training and finishing races and triathlons of all distances and degrees of difficulty has given Coach Karen an invaluable amount of knowledge to pass on.

·       Ironman Madison Wisconsin Finisher

·       Ironman Florida Finisher

·       15+ Marathons, including Boston and New York

·       USA Track and Field Master’s Half Marathon Championship 3rd place Age Group award

·       USA World Champion Half Ironman Qualifier

·       2011 National Duathlon age group Champion

·       Age group winner in the 2011 Gulf Coast Half Ironman Triathlon

·       Top ten age group winner at 2011 Augusta 70.3 Triathlon

·       Top ten age group winner at 2010 St. Anthony’s Olympic Triathlon

·       Certified Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Personal Trainer

·       Certified USA Triathlon Coach

·       Numerous sprint, olympic, and half ironman triathlons