Run Coaching

This is for the athlete who wants a plan developed around their individual needs and goals with regular contact and feedback. This Plan is for those who want regular advisement, feedback and one-on-one consultation.  It is for the athlete who is seeking to improve their running through targeted coaching in this area only.

1.    Custom schedule with workouts provided for each day of the week.

2. Detailed workouts within the weekly schedule designed around the athlete’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

3. Field Testing and analysis to determine run pace’s for tempo, track and long runs up to 3 times annually as needed.

4. One one-on-one hour long sessions with your coach (tailored to best meet the need and desire of athlete)

5. Communication with your coach via Training Peaks(membership accounts start at $8/month and are purchased separately

6. Weekly communication:

·       1 email and 1 phone call

·       Additional phone calls and e-mails are a minimum 15 charge at the rate of $65/hour

7. One schedule adjustment per week.

8. Discounted additional services (strength training, run gait analysis)

9. Goal setting once a year with the option to change “A” races once without charge.

·       Additional plan adjustments to “A” races will have a minimum charge.

10. Race Strategies

·       “A” race

·       Pre race meeting to discuss race strategy and preparation.

·       Post race meeting to discuss your results and future planning.



Additional services:  run gait analysis, functional strength training, video bike session, etc can be selected as desired for an additional charge (see below)

For clients desiring personal one-on-one coaching, (drill work, strength training, etc) they can meet with Coach Karen here in beautiful Panama City Beach.  Cost will be based on the duration of the coaching session.  For meetings more than 30 mile radius, travel fees may apply.